Fear and Loathing In Indio with Feekee



For a variety of reasons, I've never been to Coachella. Chiefly, it's expensive and it's in a desert thousands of miles away. (Minor obstacles, I know.) Still, as a huge enthusiast of music mega festivals and the mind-blowing benders that usually accompany them it's always been at the top of the list of concerts I hope to experience sometime in the future. 

And that was before I heard Wafeek's dope new project.

Feekee, the finest STL emcee in the OC, describes the seven track album as "an experimental drug binge [that] blurs the lines between Sex, Drugs, and Popular Music." All the songs were inspired by his own Hunter S. Thompson trip to the California desert this past April.

More info, tracklisting, and MP3s after the jump.

While Feek's last project was an ironic, playful take on pop-songs and auto-tune, this one is full of soul-bearing introspection and adroit wordplay. At his peak, he even manages to find a rhyme for onomatopoeia. 

Of course, it's Wafeek rapping so there are lines about foursomes, nut-busting, copious weed smoking, and every recreational drug from DMT to molly. (Cocaine, according to the tracklisting, is totally overrated.)

Or head over to Wafeek.com/letters and cop the whole thing. ​