Local Duo Scripts N Screwz in MTV U Contest


The multi-talented East St. Louis hip-hop duo Scripts N Screwz has a new music video for their song "Brick" entered in MTV U's weekly "Best Freshman Video" contest.

The track is off their debut album, The New Noise, and it's a heavy, wailing underground jam with a dash of auto-tune (think of it as a little sugar to help the medicine go down) in the chorus. The video pretty badass, with kitschy digital animation and an offbeat underwater story set right in the middle of the mighty Mississippi. Screwz and New Jersey-based animator John T. Hill get the production credit. Check it:

They're up against five other artists, at least one of which (Friday Night Boys, I'm looking at you) is so douchey just watching their video made my hair involuntarily grow into emo bangs. Ugh. 

The video with the most votes is guaranteed some airplay on the regular MTV channels, so click here and help out the hometown boys, who are tied for second place at last glance.

In the meantime check out the group's badass website and blog for upcoming local dates, free downloads, a couple more cool videos.