Homespun: The Northwoods, Morning, Noon & Night


In this week's paper, Christian Schaeffer reviewed the Northwoods' CD, Morning, Noon & Night. He had this to say:

Since the Northwoods started making waves around town last year, it's been nearly impossible to mention the acoustic duo's name without also hearing the words "Simon" and "Garfunkel." However, while Paul and Artie more or less wrote the blueprint for close-harmony folk rock, the members of the Northwoods are much more interested in sun-dappled, finger-picked pastoral folk than they are S&G's sturm und drang. On Morning, Noon & Night, Elijah Palnik and Jeremy Shanas rely on acoustic guitar, mandolin and light percussion and use the interplay of their voices and warm sonic textures to create breezy, inviting tunes.
Read more here. Check out an MP3 below! The band will be performing Friday night at the Gramophone as part of the Tasty Band series.

MP3: The Northwoods, "Elaine"