Video: I Blame Emily, "Facebook Friend"


Having a crush in the digital age is even more confusing than it was before we had Twitter, Facebook, text messaging and email. I mean, if someone doesn't respond to your direct message, is he not interested? That flirty Tweet directed to that one girl in California -- does it mean anything? A cryptic Facebook status update alluding to shenanigans -- are you totally in the friend zone?

Thankfully, I Blame Emily -- who some of you might know as long-time local rocker Adam Reichmann -- understands the heartache, anxiety and uncertainty associated with love and romance in the social networking age. The loping twang of "Facebook Friend" details the longing of a chap who wants to transcend the digital realm and "do some real-life poking." Anyone who's ever wasted time at work on the site will completely relate to the tongue-in-cheek laments of the song's protagonist.

As an incentive to get "Facebook Friend" viral, Reichmann says that if 100,000 people buy the song, he'll donate 10% to the humane society. You can buy it from and iTunes. I recommend watching the video, whose storyline enhances the ridiculousness and dry wit of the song.