R.I.P. DJ Gothfather, a.k.a. Stephen Talbert


Sad news to report this afternoon: Stephen Talbert, who spun under the name DJ Gothfather and was a familiar figure in the local goth scene for over fifteen years, died of heart failure yesterday. According to a Livejournal post by Joel Lovins (a.k.a. DJ Skeletal), Talbert (who was known as Laz) had kidney problems and was on dialysis.
  • courtesy of Livejournal.com

DJ Ste.Mairet, another local DJ, says that Laz was a regular DJ at South Grand's now-extinct Gothic Coffee and had "a penchant for spinning anything from old school goth and industrial to super wacky techno. He lived for the music. Laz was a super sweet guy with lots of hugs and smiles, and despite his health issues, always made a positive from a negative."

Lovins notes that Talbert didn't have life insurance, and so tonight at the weekly goth/industrial event Rapture -- which recently moved to the Complex -- they'll be taking donations for his arrangements. They'll also be donating proceeds from the door, and anyone else wishing to make donations can do so via PayPal to skeletal13@yahoo.com.