Matt and Kim, Beirut at Pitchfork Music Festival


Here's an unlikely duo from today's performances at Pitchfork Music Festival: Brooklyn's hyper-kinetic Matt and Kim battling for attention with the dreamy melancholy of New York's Beirut.
Beruit at Pitchfork Music Festival
  • Beruit at Pitchfork Music Festival
Beirut -- masterminded by Zachary Condon -- played with presence on the Pitchfork stage, eschewing confidence with its brass trumpets and tubas, mandolin strings and accordion keys. Barely into his mid-twenties, Condon acted like a veteran on the stage, although he did admit that the audience was the largest in front of which his mandolin had likely ever performed.

Kim Schifino of Matt and Kim.
  • Kim Schifino of Matt and Kim.
Meanwhile, on the smallest of the three stages, Matt and Kim pounded out their dance rhythms and melody, all while wearing those perma-smiles their fans have come accustomed to seeing. They too, owned the stage on which they performed. Matt owned up to making a few mistakes in Chicago in the past and dedicated their song, "Yeah Yeah," although written a few years ago, to the summer of 2009.
  • Beirut
Matt and Kim
  • Matt and Kim