In the Studio: Caleb Travers



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  • courtesy of Caleb Travers

Who: Caleb Travers Sound: "With heart-on-his-sleeve, real-world honesty, a slightly gritty baritone and the ability to paint believable portraits of love gone wrong, Caleb Travers' brand of twang-tinged Americana calls to mind Beck's breakup masterpiece Sea Change -- but with a fervor and style all his own." (The RFT's Best Songwriter, 2008) Studio: RedPill Recording With:Jacob Detering (producer), Joe Meyer (drums), Eric Grossman (bass); more players possible When Recording: July 2009 until TBA Release Date? Possibly the end of the year; more likely, spring 2010 About the new music, Travers says it's: "a love-letter to the pop. An attempt to echo what I heard on the radio when I was 5 and what I felt in my small town when I was 14. Some piano songs, some rock. Me--growing up."