Would You Buy Ex-Blues Player Brett Hull's Drum Set?



Well, now's your chance: Someone just listed a drumset on Craigslist he says was bought from (ostensibly, we assume) ex-Blues hockey player Brett Hull, an "8 piece black & brass emerald drum set." See below --

  • craigslist.org

UPDATE, NOON: I was just sent this music video of Hull with the Calgary Flames. Please make sure to view 1:00 or so for Hull's awe-inspiringly bad lip-synch performance.

The only drum-related Hullity found online is this Late Night clip where Letterman mentions a drum solo, but alas, it's not Brett banging it out. He does appear in the clip though: After scoring 50 goals in the 1989-90 season, Hull became part of the first father-son duo to score 50 goals in the NHL.

That earned him this spot on Letterman, and here we see Hull in all his golden mulleted glory: