Maxtone Four Breaks Up, Tight Pants Syndrome (Again) Changes Its Lineup


When the world ends in 2012 (as per Nostradamus), I'm convinced the only bands left to entertain survivors of the apocalypse will be the Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Tight Pants Syndrome. The latter act's Brian McClelland writes in to say that the power-pop group is again changing members: Keyboardist Tim McAvin left in March, while singer Erin Hogan is moving to LA to further her acting career. Still, McClelland promises new members and another CD -- tentative title: Fully Attractive -- coming hopefully in the fall. (Read an interview with McClelland/listen to TPS audio.)

Not surviving, however, is McClelland's other act, the Maxtone Four. The act is playing its last show on Friday, May 2, at the Wedge. Painbyrds and Jesse Irwin are also on the bill. To celebrate, the band is releasing a four-song EP that night, featuring three originals and a Kinks cover(!)