Kid Rock's Name to Grace Detroit Tigers' Ballpark, Official Stadium Beer



Press release of the week winner. Everyone else can go home.

It was announced today that Kid Rock has purchased the naming rights to the home of the Detroit Tigers for an undisclosed sum. Kid Rock and The Michigan Brewing Company, in a separate negotiation, are proud to announce that Kid Rock's forthcoming new line of beer will become the official beer of the Detroit Tigers.

Says Kid Rock, "This has been a dream of mine for a long time, and with the banks in trouble it seemed like the right time for me to reach out to the fine people at Comerica Bank. Since they relocated to Dallas after opening the stadium here, they were very open to the idea of making this deal. I've never been more excited for opening day, and I'm proud to be able to add my name to the legacy of my favorite baseball team."

Guess all those royalty payments he owed Warren Zevon/Lynyrd Skynyrd for last summer's hit, "All Summer Long," didn't detract from his earnings. Now that A-B has been bought out by InBev, maybe Busch Stadium could get a facelift. Nellyville, anyone?