Fun Fact of the Day: Potosi's Ties to Austin, Texas


Stephen Austin, that music-festival-stealing skunk. - COURTESY OF THE TEXAS STATE LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES COMMISSION
  • courtesy of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission
  • Stephen Austin, that music-festival-stealing skunk.

Potosi, Missouri, was founded by Moses Austin, who later became one of the first Anglo settlers in Texas. Moses died before he could finish settling, so the job was passed on to his son Stephen, for whom the city of Austin was named. Had Moses decided to stay put, he might not have died, Potosi might have been re-named Austin and South by Southwest would take place a mere hour from here. Sigh.

This fun fact courtesy of KDHX's Darren Snow, making a special pledge-drive guest appearance on Emotional Rescue with Cat Pick, which I listened to on my way to work.