Riddle of Steel Reuniting for Show on October 10


Via MySpace, via reader Bob (thanks!): Riddle of Steel is reuniting for one more show this fall. Details:

"Ladies and gents, mark your calendars: Saturday October 10th, 2009 at the Firebird in St. Louis with Roma 79 and Traindodge. Why? Our best friend, benefactor and Ascetic Records label owner Hieu Nguyen is gettin' hitched! Oct. 10th will be a congratulatory celebrasturtion like none other. Plans are still being made, but the date is held and the show is booked. Out of towners, you have like six months to make arrangements, so no excuses! Honestly, we'd love to see everyone one more time as well as give Hieu and Christine a wicked rad sendoff into marriage town, ie: a massive stack of loot. Good? Great. See you all there, Les Dudes"