St. Louis Weekend Concert Calendar: February 27 to March 1


Friday, February 27
*John Henry and the Engine/One Lone Car, Off Broadway
*St. Louis Blues Festival, Chaifetz Arena
*John Prine, Touhill
*Celebrity Autopsy, Lemmons
*Fattback/Dirty 30's, The Gramophone
*Hooten Hallers, Schlafly Tap Room
*Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Cicero's
*Leslie Sanazaro Duo, SqWires
*Maiden America, Fubar
*Papa Smiley, Broadway Oyster Bar
*Queen City Saints/Benedict Arnold/Disturbing Lou, Firebird
*Cruisin' Rte. 66 Last Show: Arrythmia, Science Hill, Group Think, Upright Animals
*The Follow/Dozemary Pool, Duck Room

Saturday, February 28
*Hostage Juliet/Martin Bisi/Stella Mora/The Mansion Incident, Firebird
*The 75s/Helium Tapes, Lemmons
*Appleseed Cast/Incurables, Off Broadway
*Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band/Throw Pillows, The Gramophone
*Cassie Morgan, The Wedge
*Denise Franke, Focal Point
*Dogtown Allstars, Broadway Oyster Bar
*Might Clouds of Joy, Sheldon
*The Saps, Cicero's
*Trip Daddys, Mangia
*Delmar Kingz/Moe Shot/Robb Steele et al, Duck Room

Sunday, March 1

*The Visitations/Mayday Orchestra/James Will, The Wedge
*Ne-Yo, Fox Theatre
*Sleeping in the Aviary/Amo Joy/Wooden Kites/Quief Quota, Firebird
*The Greyhounds/Dogtown Allstars, Old Rock House
*Theresa Payne, Cicero's