Adam Reichmann Returns to Live Performing, Friday, January 30 at Fred's Six Feet Under



Roy Kasten headed to new venue Fred's Six Feet Under on Friday night to check out a rare performance by Adam Reichmann. The Nadine vocalist was debuting some new songs for an intimate crowd. Says Roy:

Adam started out the night with what probably seemed like a new song to most: "Laurel Canyon," written at least three years ago, and recorded on the limited edition, solo CD Another Version of the Same Story. He followed with another solo song on the acoustic guitar, "Clear From a Distance," which captured that delicate balance Adam always strikes between hope and realism: the serious love hasn't vanished, it's just gone underground. His first Nadine song was "Closer," the opening track to Downtown Saturday and then a terrific new rock song on the Telecaster, "Sixes and Sevens." Todd Schnitzer joined Adam on bass, guitar and keyboards, and if they weren't always in sync, it was great to hear so much new material, especially "Too Old to Be Living This Young." By the end of the night, Schnitzer found his stride, getting all Fender Rhodesy on "Whenever You Are Around."

Roy has a slideshow of the night, more thoughts about what makes Reichmann a great performer (seriously, go read them -- they're great) at that link. Video of Reichmann and Schnitzer performing "Twilight" below.