Pageant Nominated for "Nightclub of the Year" in Pollstar's Concert Industry Awards



The Pageant is one of five venues nominated for 2008's "Nightclub of the Year" in Pollstar's Concert Industry Awards.

This is the first year the Pageant has received a nod in the annual awards event, which is celebrating its twentieth year.

Managing partner of the Pageant Pat Hagin laughs that he's not sure what the criteria was for being nominated. And he was similarly surprised -- but pleased -- at the recognition.

"I'm not one of these 'Poor us here in St. Louis types,' I'm used to being ignored for the bigger markets by most of the industry," he says. "It was a pleasant thing. I have no idea what our chances really are."

Hagin's nevertheless flying out to Los Angeles on Thursday for the awards ceremony, which takes place on Friday night.

Other venues nominated for the award include Washington, DC's 9:30 Club, Club Nokia in Los Angeles, Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom and the Dallas branch of the House Of Blues. Pollstar is considered the music industry go-to resource and source for all things touring.

Speaking of the Pageant, they unveiled a website redesign last week. I already cited it as one of the best in town, and now it's even better -- mostly because information for each show now features the exact set times for each band playing that night, so you can plan ahead.