The Luminary Center for the Arts Presents the Elevator Music Series



The Luminary Center for the Arts (4900 Reber Place) is presenting a new monthly event called the Elevator Music Series. The first show will take place on March 26, with local act the Pragmatic and out-of-towners Anathallo.

The aim of the series is to draw national acts to town, while showcasing talented local and regional acts, as a way to improve the St. Louis concert landscape. Luminary director James McAnally says the center will also be conducting interviews and doing podcasts with the bands.

"We plan to be educational to musicians and audiences alike, providing in-depth information about the details of making music, making it in music, and how art and commerce coexist in the industry," he says. "It is a need we see in the local music scene that hopefully this will address."

Tickets will be on sale via this link. The Pragmatic is also performing at Off Broadway next Friday, January 30, and is confirmed for a SXSW showcase.