Sneak Preview Stream of a New So Many Dynamos Song, "Friendarmy"


Sneak preview of the week: Head over to the MP3 page on mixer Alex Newport's website, where he has a new So Many Dynamos song called "Friendarmy" streaming. It's from the band's forthcoming Vagrant album The Loud Wars, which is still due April 7. In case you didn't realize it, Newport -- who's worked with Death Cab for Cutie, At the Drive-In, Piebald, the Mars Volta and Two Gallants, among others -- is pretty much a genius. Listen to the Polysics' "I My Me Mine," and if you don't freak out and start dancing, something's wrong. The Dynamos, meanwhile, are sharing a bill with the Pragmatic and Corvidae next Friday, January 30, at Off Broadway, and playing as the backing band for Emperor X at the Billiken Club next Saturday, January 31.