St. Louis Weekend Concert Calendar: January 16 to January 18



Friday, January 16
*Republic Tigers/Analysts/Oceania, Bluebird
*Target Market/Jovian Chorus/Say Panther, Cicero's
*Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, Sheldon
*Leroy Pierson/Los Carnales Blues Band, BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups
*Rum Drum Ramblers, The Stable
*Everett Dean, Deluxe
*Left Arm, The Blind Eyes/The Abacinators, Wedge
*Cool Nights/Hot Jazz, Pageant
*The Poorhouse Says/Damnwell Betters, Off Broadway
*MARJ! / Prizzy Prizzy Please/ Gnarwhal/ Weird Body Parts, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
*Ballas Hough Band, FUBAR
*Dancing with the Stars, Scottrade Center
*Japanese Bat Bomb, Gramophone
*The New Soul Cowboys featuring Anthony Gomes, Old Rock House
*Tenement Ruth/Dead Weight/Mayday Orchestra, Lemmons

Saturday, January 17
*King Thief/One Lone Car/Dear Future, Cicero's
*Via Dove/Paper Dolls/Starlume, Off Broadway
*Inaugural Ball w/DJ Jim Utz and DJ Commiekay, Bluebird
*Colonel Ford, Deluxe
*Leadville/Jackhead/Wooden Kites, Schlafly Tap Room
*TATSUYA NAKATANI, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
*The 75s/Bitch Slap Barbie/DinoFight!, Wedge
*Larry the Cable Guy, Fabulous Fox
*Paul Staples/ Grace Basement, Mangia
*DJ Needles/Reminise, Gramophone
*Tom Hall/Rough Grooves, BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups
*Devlin's Kids/Thunderkid, Lemmons
*Midwest Avengers/Nite Owl, Old Rock House

Sunday, January 18
*Tony LaRussa's Stars to the Rescue, with Huey Lewis and the News, Vince Gill, Lady Antebellum, more
*Jason Zeh/ KBD/ ll (Eric Hall & Matt Dill)/ John Tam-Buckle/ Mavis Concave, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
*Big Mike Aguirre/Big George Brock, BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups

Monday, January 19

*Sexfist/Henhouse Prowlers/Cowboy Randy Erwin, Off Broadway

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