Video: Til Tuesday, "Maybe Monday" + "Voices Carry" Live at the Ritz, New York City, 1985


When I'm sick, I fall down the YouTube rabbit hole more often than usual -- which is why last weekend I found myself watching old live footage of 'Til Tuesday, Aimee Mann's '80s band. I made the bold statement on Facebook that TT is better than Mann's solo stuff -- and while maybe that's a bit too hyperbolic, I really identify more with the band's synthpop than I do her more straightforward pop-rock albums. Perhaps it's her badass bass playing, or that her fragile voice meshes so well with the melancholy songs. (Or maybe it's that shock of snow-white hair -- and trademark rat-tail!) For whatever reason, these clips made me really happy -- even if they don't include 'Til Tuesday's best song, a duet with Elvis Costello called "The Other End (of the Telescope)."

"Maybe Monday"
(Live at the Ritz, NYC, 1985)

"Voices Carry" (Live at the Ritz, NYC, 1985)