New Music from Lily Allen and Lady Sovereign!


Way back in late 2006, two sassy ladies from the U.K., Lily Allen and Lady Sovereign, battled for buzz -- even though Sov's hardscrabble hip-hop and Allen's cheeky reggae-pop confections were stylistic opposites.

Weirdly enough, both women are set to release new music this week. Snag an S-O-V MP3 called "I Got You Dancing" at her MySpace page today, and get set to grab a new Lily Allen song, "The Fear," tomorrow. (A video for the latter is already floating around; check it out after the jump.)

On first listen, Allen's the clear winner in terms of quality. Sov's tune mashes together Dizzee Rascal-esque grime-clash beats and rhythms, but the robotic tone is almost too computerized and sterile. Allen's "Fear," in contrast, is much dreamier and less frivolous than her usual style -- but the sophisticated backdrop suits her.

-- Annie Zaleski