Video: Thorns of Life, the New Band of Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil's Blake Schwarzenbach + Bonus Get Up Kids Reunion Video, "Mass Pike"



This summer found me getting heavily into 1990s stuff like the Promise Ring and Jawbreaker. The latter's Dear You in particular lived in my car for weeks, and perhaps you might have seen me zooming around the city singing along to "Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault." Anyway, I was beyond stoked to hear that Jawbreaker leader Blake Schwarzenbach has a new band called Thorns of Life. As if the presence of Blake wasn't enough, his bandmates include Aaron Elliott of Crimpshrine/Pinhead Gunpowder on drums and Daniela Sea on bass. Video from recent shows -- tiny gigs in art spaces, mostly -- reveals Blake's comforting gravel roar and some pretty raw smart-punk riffs. Behold

For good measure, take a look at some video from the Get Up Kids' reunion show at the Record Bar in Kansas City last weekend. "Mass Pike" sounds pretty fantastic. Dear KC: Send the band here. Guarantee you'll get a packed house too.