Craigslist Missed Connection: "To the woman wildly swinging her purse at Broken Social Scene "



This is a good one, folks. Anyone who's been to a sold-out show at the Gargoyle knows how precious personal space is. Apparently, this anonymous poster had the misfortune of standing next to some rude attendees. Behold some highlights:

You clung to a 100% Naugahyde purse. It was the biggest fucking purse I've ever seen. And I know what you had in there: baby skulls. How do I know this? Because no one of any moral fiber would have the fuck-the-world audacity to bring a "purse" (read: satchel) that fucking big to a concert and swing it around in everybody's already nonexistent personal space.

And the best part:

As if my friends didn't already have their hands full with Teen Wolf's back sweat in front of us (tip: two mirrors, buddy). At first we gave into your nonverbal demands and moved over. Unabated, the rib bruising only got worse. And you weren't even swaying to the beat. (I don't know what I expected, attending the whitest concert this side of Donny and Marie's farewell tour.