Ted Nugent: "“I’m Dirty Harry with a ponytail, and I’m at Paul [McCartney]’s service."



Another day, another Ted Nugent press release in my inbox. This time, though, he's offering himself up as security for Paul McCartney's upcoming concert in Israel. (The ex-Beatle has been threatened by Muslim extremists, if he plays the show.) You do not fuck with the Nuge. Full release after the jump.

Rock and Roll gun slinger, TED NUGENT, is offering to provide personal security for Rock and Roll animal rights activist, Sir Paul McCartney.

McCartney has been threatened by Muslim extremists if he plays a concert in Israel to celebrate Israel’s 60th birthday.

“Regardless that Paul and I have our obvious social, cultural, and culinary differences outside of music, I will not bend or waiver to voodoo religious whackjobs and neither should Paul,” exclaimed NUGENT.

NUGENT, an NRA Board of Director member, has trained extensively with military specialists and various law enforcement agencies for over 30 years. “It would be my pleasure to keep this legendary musical hero safe from terrorists and madmen, and then buy him a nice dinner of tofu," said NUGENT.

“I’m Dirty Harry with a ponytail, and I’m at Paul’s service,” quipped NUGENT.