Misfits No Longer Opening for Motorhead



If you're scoring along at home, the bill for the Motorhead tomorrow night at the Pageant is now just Valient Thorr, A.S.G. and Lemmy and Co. The Misfits, according to a press release, have dropped off the tour. The openers, by the way, are performing tonight at Vintage Vinyl at 6 p.m.

Why did the Misfits (or the FauxFits) drop off? Says punknews.org:

For the sake of our loyalty and dedication to all our fiends, the Misfits have chosen to withdraw from the lineup of Volcom’s 2008 tour. The Misfits have always held an incredibly high standard of performance and quality in everything we do. Our fans expect this and deserve it. I will not compromise their expectations for any amount of money, prestige or fame. I apologize for the inconvenience and will reschedule performances wherever possible throughout our upcoming tour this Oct. -- Jerry Only

-- Annie Zaleski