Squeeze: Outtakes and Quotes from the Feature Interview with Glenn Tilbrook + Videos



In this week's paper, I interviewed Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze. (Take a look at my article here.) The band is playing the Pageant tonight, with Aimee Mann opening. I'm so excited! If you're curious what the band's sounding like now, head over to the news page at the band's official site and scroll down for some free MP3 downloads, a bonus to the band's live CD, Five Live.

Squeeze, "Take Me, I'm Yours":

The pairing of Mann and Squeeze isn't as strange as it appears to be. Tilbrook and Chris Difford played on her 1995 album I'm With Stupid -- including the single "That's Just What You Are" -- and she appeared as a vocalist and guitarist during 1994 Squeeze shows. Tilbrook had this to say about the potential for some onstage collaborations tonight:

“We haven’t discussed it. I figure, it’s very possible, but I wouldn’t guarantee it. We were good friends in the ‘90s, she came to see us last year whne we played in L.A., it was really nice to see her again. She’s brilliant, she’s great. if I had my way, she’ll be up onstage, lets put it that way." [laughs]

Squeeze, "Another Nail in My Heart":

In the feature, Tilbrook mentioned being comfortable with his age, especially when it comes to his songwriting and music: "I want to sound like I’m 50. 50 can be a good place to be – and for me, it is.” My response to that (and his response) was:

AZ: That’s so good to hear, because the youth movement and youth culture, it’s almost disgusting. GT: “I think it is. And I know! Of course, sexuality and the setting of sex in music have always been heavily interlinked. I know that, it’s always something I‘ve found vaguely…I’ve never been able to do that, and I really admire people who can do all that stuff. But I don’t know, Madonna, Hard Candy? Come on, that's not right. I’ve got a sex drive and everything, but I’ve got children. [laughs] Its weird to me. She should be very proud of her hard body and all that stuff, but I don’t know. I think there’s a point at which you can move over, you can still do all that stuff and still be sexy, you don’t have to [be] – wow – in your face. But that’s just the sort of person I am, I’m not saying that she’s wrong and I’m right, I’m just saying that’s the way I am.”

Squeeze, "Cool for Cats" (TOTP):

In August, Squeeze performed at the Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza with '60s pop starlet Lulu (known for "To Sir, With Love"). Tilbrook's reaction?

“Oh, wow! [laughs] That was weird, that was great. It was really, really weird. Lulu got up and sang with us. I remember Lulu on the telly when I was seven -- actually I was six, and she had a number one record when she was fourteten. It’s always a bit weird when you remember someone from when you were a kid. In the world of music, if you meet people that you liked or knew about when you were a kid, there's always a slight element of [affects awed voice] ‘Oh, wow!’ Whereas if people come up after that, you can relate to them as people. It’s great, she's got a fantastic voice.”

Squeeze, "Is That Love?"

Finally, Tilbrook expresses nothing but happiness about Squeeze's reunion tour -- especially because they're doing it for all the right reasons.

“We’re going to make money from [the reunion tour] – much more than I’ll make by myself touring – but that’s not the driving force. To me it’s very important that you’re not just driven by money. Because that perverts everything that you do if you do that. I want money, I’m not immune to the charms of money, but I don’t want it to be the reason why I do what I do – ever. And it’s not with Squeeze. There’s a real passion to it, I’m really happy and proud of it.”

Squeeze, "Hourglass":

-- Annie Zaleski

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