Chippewa Chapel Returns September 4 at the Stable



From Le Myspace:

The Chapel’s Thursday night follickings return to the south-side September 4, 2008 at The Stable. Located in the stables of the old Lemp Brewery, The Stable is St. Louis’s newest hot spot. Complete with a 300-year-old bar, wrought iron chandeliers, an upscale bar menu, and a fantastic selection of hard to find beers, The Stable is great fit for the eclectic group of misfits who call the Chapel home. Don’t be fooled by the name. This open mic night is home to some of the raunchiest, whiskey drinking, cigarette smoking, foul-mouthed hooligans this city knows; but also some of the best local talent.

The event opens at 8:00 pm an opening band. They will play from 8 to 9 and then the open mic gets moving in full force. Hosts Catherine Kustelski, Deanna Bosse, Justin Brown and Jesse Irwin keep the evening rolling smoothly. The Chapel has always welcomed diversity. Any given Thursday local musicians might share the stage with belly dancers, stand up comics, improv comedians, jugglers, yodelers, tap dancers, and other performers. Singer/songwriters are always well represented at the Chapel, as are musicians from every conceivable genre: country, rock, blues, hip-hop, R&B, jazz, etc. The Chapel provides electric and acoustic guitars, a bass, drums, and amps. Musicians are also welcome to bring their own instruments.