Danzig: At the Pageant Sunday, October 26 + His Greatest YouTube Clips



It's no secret that A to Z loves Danzig. (He loves St. Louis, too: Why, his cassingle wrote last year's Best Used CD store entry, for CD Reunion.) And with the announcement that Danzig and Dimmu Borgir are co-headlining the Pageant on Sunday, October 26, this is the perfect time to reminisce about Danzig posts of yore -- while adding to the list. (Literally; check after the jump.)

*Danzig endorses Barack Obama

*Danzig + Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" = Pure Comedy Gold

UPDATE: Commenter Matt Picker sends along a link to Danzig's book collection. Please enjoy that after the jump as well.

Danzig's grocery list:

Danzig's book collection: