Sic Alps, Thankful Tree, Raglani Tonight, July 28, at Open Lot



Tonight at the Open Lot (1310 S. 18th Street), here's a great show: California's Sic Alps are playing with St. Louis' own Raglani, Animal or Vegetable and Thankful Tree. Joe Raglani describes S.A. to me thusly:

... two guys who have resurrected the lo-fi aesthetic from 90's indie rock and imbued it with a classic dose of damaged 60's style indulgence with a nod to 00's noise and abstractions. They have put out various releases on various labels including the excellent Animal Disguise Recordings, Skulltones, Important Records and Woodsist. The 2008 summer tour is to spread the vibrations of their new release on the highly respected Siltbreeze label called "US.EZ" available on July 15th. Also fresh off the presses is "A Long Way Around To A Shortcut" A collection of rare tracks culled from tapes, seven inches, and twelve inch vinyl releases. Available through Animal Disguise.

See a coupla videos after the jump, and enjoy some MP3s here.

MP3: Sic Alps, "Clubbing for $$"

MP3: Sic Alps, "Message From the Law"

"Arthur Machen"