Weekend Wrap-Up: What Did Everyone Do?



(Magnolia Summer, live on Saturday night)

Besides seeing The Dark Knight, that is. (I have not gone yet. Yes, I know.) This weekend, what I did:

*Friday: Tiffany at Home Nightclub

*Saturday: Magnolia Summer/Treeweasels at Off Broadway. Verdict: TW before its time, reminded me hardcore of Drive-By Truckers, with a dash of later-era Joe Strummer, along with late-'80s Southern jangle. M. Summer new stuff sounds fantastic; urgent and brisk. R.E.M. cover ("Finest Worksong") dovetailed neatly with the message and sound they're moving toward.

*Foo Fighters/Supergrass at Scottrade Center. Review coming ASAP. So much rock, it's hard to put into words.

-- Annie Zaleski