Henry Rollins Spoken-Word at the Pageant, Thursday, November 6



Henry Rollins -- who's on Twitter, fyi -- will be bringing his RECOUNTDOWN tour to the Pageant on Thursday, November 6. Says a press release:

“Hoping that the bad times are almost over, I am taking advantage of the current situation to spend the last few nights of the catastrophic Bush administration onstage,” HENRY says of the RECOUNTDOWN tour. “Things will be so different after he's gone. For me, the new century will have finally arrived. Since I was last in the cities that I will be visiting on this tour, I have been fairly far and wide and have a lot of new stories to tell. I look forward to spending autumn in my favorite country.”

An astute friend noticed that Rollins' tour dates leave him open on November 4 -- a.k.a. election night, a.k.a. two days before the St. Louis show. When I picture Rollins watching election results/returns, I can't help but picture Coach Buzzcut from Beavis & Butt-head. See?

-- Annie Zaleski