Preview: Logos EP Release Party, Saturday, July 12 at the Old Rock House



Young band LOGOS will be releasing its debut EP, Beautiful Disguise, tomorrow night at the Old Rock House. Victoria (playing one of its two last shows) will be opening.

We'll have more on the EP in next week's paper, but until then, take a listen to the song "Mystic Haze" and after the jump, read a sneak-preview snippet of Christian Schaeffer's review. After listening to the five songs, Chris is right: LOGOS sounds like Pearl Jam ca. Ten crossed with Rush -- and that's a good thing, in my book.

At first blush, all the classic-rock set pieces are in place on this five-song EP: the trio uses double-neck guitar, tricky tempo changes, and even pulls out a Frampton-esque talk-box solo on “Mystic Haze,” a song that resolves after a few minutes of serious high-necked riffage. Singer and guitarist Cullen O’Donnell and bassist Zach Czajkowski are only eighteen, but have already digested a lifetime’s worth of riffs and poses. O’Donnell’s vocals are strong and confident, veering a bit more towards modern rock’s Vedder-fied modulations than Robert Plant’s wails and screeches.

-- Annie Zaleski