Radiohead's 2008 North American Tour Setlists -- So Far



It's a big week here in St. Louis, with Radiohead stopping by on Wednesday night and then Wilco settling in for a three-night sold-out residency at the Pageant starting on Thursday. We'll have comprehensive coverage of all of these shows, so stay tuned.

First up, though, is Radiohead. You'll want to come back here all week if you're a fan, as I'll be posting video, rare audio and (of course) a show review and photographs (I'm shooting the show!)

The band began its North American tour last week, and the setlists for the shows so far (included after the jump, and courtesy of the reliable At Ease Web, which I think I've been reading since high school, OMG) rely heavily on the quintet's output post-2000: Kid A, Amnesiac and the two-disc opus In Rainbows (with a bit of Hail to the Thief and the (more than) occasional nod to hits from OK Computer and The Bends).

Take a look at this amazing video of "Idioteque," from Tampa, Florida, on May 8. OMG! That light show! Thom Yorke's dancing!

That same YouTube user took video of the show from the second row. Here's "The National Anthem." Commence freaking out with joy.

Now read the setlists and geek out. What do you want them to play in St. Louis (Okay, I'll start: "Just"! "Idioteque"! "Electioneering"! "Bangers and Mash"! "Like Spinning Plates"! "There There"!)

May 5, West Palm Beach: 01 All I Need 02 Bodysnatchers 03 There There 04 Reckoner 05 The Gloaming 06 Morning Bell 07 Nude 08 How To Disappear Completely 09 15 Step 10 Arpeggi (played almost twice) 11 Idioteque 12 Bulletproof 13 Where I End and You Begin 14 Airbag 15 Everything In Its Right Place 16 The National Anthem 17 Videotape

encore: 18 Optimistic 19 Just 20 Faust Arp (Thom & Jonny) 21 Exit Music 22 Bangers And Mash

encore 2 23 House of Cards 24 Street Spirit

May 6, Tampa: 01 all I need 02 there there 03 lucky 04 bangers and mash 05 15 step 06 nude 07 pyramid song 08 optimistic 09 arpeggi 10 the national anthem 11 idioteque 12 you and whose army 13 reckoner 14 everything in its right place 15 airbag 16 bodysnatchers 17 videotape

encore 18 the gloaming 19 the tourist 20 just 21 faust arp (thom and jonny, both on electric guitars) 22 exit music

encore 2 23 the bends 24 house of cards

May 8, Atlanta: 01 All I Need 02 There There 03 Lucky 04 15 Step 05 Where I End And You Begin 06 Nude 07 Pyramid Song 08 Optimistic 09 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 10 The National Anthem 11 Idioteque 12 You and whose army 13 Reckoner 14 Everything in its right place 15 Bangers and Mash 16 Bodysnatchers 17 Videotape

encore 1 18 The Gloaming 19 Talk Show Host 20 Just 21 Faust Arp (Thom & Jonny on electric) 22 How To Disappear Completely

encore 2 23 Paranoid Android 24 House of Cards

May 9, Charlotte: 01. All I Need 02. There There 03. Airbag 04. 15 Step 05. Nude 06. Sail to the Moon 07. Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi 08. Myxomatosis 09. Idioteque 10. Morning Bell 11. Videotape 12. Optimistic 13. Where I End and You Begin 14. You and Whose Army? 15. Everything In Its Right Place 16. Bangers and Mash 17. Bodysnatchers

encore 1 18. Go Slowly 19. Talk Show Host 20. Exit Music (For A Film) 21. Planet Telex 22. House of Cards

encore 2 23. Paranoid Android 24. Reckoner

May 11, Bristow, Virginia: 01. All I Need 02. Jigsaw Falling Into Place 03. Lucky 04. Nude 05. Pyramid Song 06. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 07. Myxomatosis 08. Idioteque 09. Faust Arp 10. Videotape 11. Paranoid Android 12. Just 13. Reckoner 14. Everything In Its Right Place 15. Bangers and Mash 16. Bodysnatchers

encore 1: 17. Like Spinning Plates 18. Optimistic 19. Karma Police 20. Go Slowly 21. Planet Telex

encore 2: 22. Fake Plastic Trees 23. The National Anthem 24. House of Cards

-- Annie Zaleski

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