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Download the new Museum Mutters full-length CD here at this link. Liner notes after the jump, written by frequent blog commenter James Weber, Jr. (so I suggest you read them).

RIYL: The Replacements, Old 97s, early R.E.M., '80s jangle-rock, Wilco's straightforward moments

This is the sort of music fit for ever-creeping warm nights, those times when all the lost souls of St. Louis congregate on bar patios, hoping to find meaning at the bottom of a glass of whiskey -- before taking lonely highways home while searching for a breeze to kill the humidity. (Annie Zaleski)

MP3: The Museum Mutters, "Gabriel with Gabriel"

MP3: The Museum Mutters, "Born to Live on Sound"

Hi! If you're reading this, it's because you have worked up the gumption to download the hot-off-the-presses new mp3 recording from rock and roll outfit, The Museum Mutters.

So sweet of you! Thanks! A few notes:

1) The drums were beat within a chinchilla hair of their very lives by none other than local Paul Bunyan look-a-like, John Hardecke.

2) The bass guitar, organ tones and a bit of plucked and wailin' guitar were all sweetly produced by wee K. Erik Seaver. He speaks softly, but will chase you down on his fix-ed gee-yuhr and mock your non-bikin' ways!

3) The majority of the gee-tars, the words and the majority of the singing are all due to the sorry sad-sack James Weber, Jr. Living (Barely!) proof that sometimes nice guys manage to finish penultimate instead of last!

4) Young scrapper Mario Viele, the hardest-workin' rock'a'roll'a in St. Louis, Missouri comitted all this stuff to tape and hard disk via various microphones, cables and bric-a-brac at the Penny Studio just east of Grand South Grand. Penny marries the urban and romantic charm of a classic south-side St. Louis red brick love-nest with its inimitable re-developed industrial workhouse, complete with wonderous and wonderful clanks and smells, dicky electrical outlets and bare brass power couplings what will melt your skin and fuse your newly-exposed bones to the building itself. Pointing your fancy web-browser (I hope you're using open-source!) to will get you all sorts of pictures and alpha-numeric combinations which explain all the technical gizmos they have to offer. Booking sessions now!

5) I would be a complete prick if I did not mention the care and love of Penny's own Mutt & Jeff, Goofus & Gallant if you will, the studio's TEAM JASON: Messrs. J. Rook and J. Hutto. Mr. Rook really mucked in and made the engineering happen, all while sorting out various unpleasant situations involving llama's and cookies, coyotes and his own rock and roll band, the Wormwood Scrubs. Mr. Hutto, on the other hand, was a frequent supplier of coffee, positive vibrations, general outside-the-box'n and consuming cans of useless, useless beer. Thank heavens he was there to take care of them for us!

6) As for the songs, they can has just is. We hope you dig'em, and burn'em up for your friends. We hope you pencil the lyrics in your school notebooks and on your Trapper-Keeper. I hope to one day find discarded diaries at the Salvation Army, filled with page after page, an illuminated text by awkard gals and guys, y'know, the kids what are unquantifiable.

7) You may notice there is no artwork included with this set of 11 MP3 sound file digital recording clumps. If you come up with a neat-o mosquito idea for one, send it our way via the myspace or the snail mails via putting it into our hands. We promise to update this zip of tunes with each and every submission as they roll in, no matter how crass or clumsy.

8) A couple of these tunes oughter run together when you burn it (if you even burn it, you iPod havin' freakbats), we'll leave that to you to sort out.

9) Thanks for listening, kids! K.I.T. K.A.T.! Don't ever change...your underwear! bwahahahha!

10) Be sweet to each other. Do stuff. Get out in the sunshine. Kiss somebody. 'k? Love you all.

-James/The Museum Mutters

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