Stone Temple Pilots at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Sunday, June 8



Oh my. 2 p.m. Sunday, June 8, at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre.

Stone Temple Pilots’ Wicked Garden featuring:

*Stone Temple Pilots *Chevelle *Saliva *Ashes Divide *Another Animal *Copperview *Cavo

I'll admit it: I had Core in middle school. (Who in the early '90s didn't?) Then I decided I was wayyyy too much of a snobby alterna-teen -- although pity the fool who would call me that, I was highly insulted by any such insinuation -- and sold it.

But you know what? STP had some great songs, in hindsight. "Big Bang Baby" was great glam-fuzz. The ballad "Sour Girl," from the later era, is fantastic. Even Scott Weiland's cover of Depeche Mode's "But Not Tonight" from the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack is excellent. (And don't get me started on "Mockingbird Girl," a decent pop nugget from the Magnificent Bastards -- on the Tank Girl soundtrack, no less -- that featured Weiland.) I guarantee you 14-year-old me, mired in a huge Morrissey and R.E.M. obsession, would be horrified at 28-year-old me admitting some STP love in public.

Videos after the jump.

"Big Bang Baby":

"Sour Girl":

"Mockingbird Girl" -- introduced by Better Than Ezra!!!

-- Annie Zaleski