Show Review: Kaskade at Dante's, Saturday, April 26



The cough-syrupy elixir of Red Bull and vodka was a necessary evil at around 11 p.m. last night at Dantes, while the decently danceable opener Bernard Jones throbbed in the background and kept “that one guy” (okay, periodically four guys) boogieing until Kaskade began his set after midnight.

(photo by Kristy Wendt)


Red Bull’s saccharine charge wasn’t unlike the cerebral experience of Kaskade’s remixes; these were beats that tripped the insulin receptors and bypassed the digestive system in an artificially sweet high suitable for a Saturday night. Kaskade is irrefutably pop-influenced, and uses vocal segues well, suspending them between beats so that they hang unaccompanied, like an expectation, before the synthetic pop of a familiar tune is mixed in -- most notably during the night’s hit, the melody to Eurythmics' “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” dubbed with Timbaland’s “Apologize.” This particular combination of old(er) and new pop seemed like an ultimate nod to Kaskade’s influences, and I would have liked to have heard more, especially considering how clever and contagious (and crowd-pleasing) it was.

While the crowd at 11 p.m. was sparse...


(photo by Kristy Wendt)

...the crowd at 2 a.m. was anything but; those four guys were soon joined by an entire dance floor, the evening’s potential fully realized by an omnipresent troupe of Arden B-clad, spike-heeled drunk women dancing on the lip of the speakers. Admittedly, my eyes frequently wandered to the promos displayed on two large flat-screens on either side of the dance floor at Dante's, and one familiar prospect elicited the sexiest shiver of anticipation in the night’s entirety: Paul van Dyk, who’ll be making an appearance in St. Louis on an inevitably sultry June night.

-- Kristy Wendt