National Record Store Day at Euclid Records, Vintage Vinyl on Saturday, April 19



It's National Record Store Day this Saturday, April 19! What does that mean? Well, it's the first-annual event where independently owned record stores around the country and artists come together to celebrate the brick-and-mortar establishment with in-store performances, giveaways and more. Bands such as R.E.M., the Black Keys and Death Cab for Cutie will have limited-edition seven-inches for sale that day only, while Metallica -- natch, they of the anti-file-sharing -- will do a meet-and-greet and autograph signing at a store near San Francisco.

Locally, Euclid Records is celebrating with bands, BBQ, free giveaways and DJs, according to their blog, Lockwood & Summit -- and this post. The band lineup is as follows:

12 noon: The Bottle Rockets 1 p.m.: Farshid Etniko 2 p.m.: Finn's Motel 3 p.m.: Rough Shop 4 p.m.: Dave Stone 5 p.m.: Tight Pants Syndrome

Vintage Vinyl will also be having guest DJs -- including members of Stars, New Pornographers and the Cops, all in town on Saturday -- and artists performing outside, such as the Monads and Gringo Star. Check out the fancy flyer after the jump. (Conflict of interest: Yeah, I'm DJ'ing for half an hour. Expect the usual.)