Friday Fun: The Alice Rose, the Blind Eyes, Wooden Kites, The Fear Alert



Friday I went to Lemmons to see the Alice Rose, the Blind Eyes, Wooden Kites and the Fear Alert. (The latter two were on the bill, to everyone's surprise; what happened there?) Was going to write something thoughtful, but decided to get massively ill instead. Which I am now. So here's a haiku about each band:

The Alice Rose: Austin's version of Jellyfish brings sweet chords and Sweeter harmonies

The Blind Eyes: It's about time that The Lou has a great mod-pop act; see Jam, Nick Lowe.

Wooden Kites: Angsty folk-indie With a rough-hewn edge, making 'Em Bright Eyes, but good.

The Fear Alert: Off-key vocals and Smashing Pumpkins aping means It needs more practice Dr. Mario.