SXSW Local News: The Aftermath, featuring Ludo, So Many Dynamos, Magnolia Summer, Earthworms, Gentleman Auction House



Guess what? This is the last SXSW post. I promise. Here's a quick run-down of future happenings/SXSW positives for some of the locals hanging in Austin.

*Pitchfork wrote up So Many Dynamos' show at the Twangfest/KDHX party (with pictures!) Here's also a video stream of the Jovita's set.

*The Undertow showcase was markedly better-attended than last year's edition. (I'm saving observations for a story, so stay tuned for more in the future!) Magnolia Summer enlisted the help of a violin player for the set, and it added beautiful, haunting dimensions to songs such as "These Days." The band will play a rare gig in town on Saturday, March 22, at Off Broadway with the Cush.

*Mathias of Earthworms met both Fab 5 Freddy and Perry Farrell. He was ecstatic (even via text message). The 'Worms will be playing the Bluebird on April 12 with their full band; Nato Caliph (who was also at SXSW) will also be there.

*I ran into three-fifths of Ludo, thanks to Dave Grelle of the Feed (who also played). Although I missed Ludo's showcase because of other conflicts, Tim Convy tells me the band's video for "Love Me Dead" is going to be played on TRL on MTV tomorrow. The show airs at 3:30 p.m. here in St. Louis; via MySpace, the band says you can tell MTV to play it again by clicking here.

*Gentleman Auction House found a booking agent -- which should equal more tours.

-- Annie Zaleski