Beatle Bob vs. Thom Yorke: Who's the Better Dancer?



Those wacky kids over at the Lollapalooza message board -- which I was skulking around looking for info on other headliners besides Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead, omg -- set up a poll that asks the question: "Who's the better dancer, Beatle Bob or Thom Yorke?"

Right now BB's winning, 13 votes to 10 votes. I imagine loyal A to Z readers might go there and have some, er, opinions. Especially after this Associated Press article about BB which came out this week.

Video of Thom Yorke dancing, courtesy of the message board link. I don't think any of us need any video of what Beatle Bob looks like dancing.

In other Radiohead/Lollapalooza news: Early-bird tickets go on sale for Lolla on March 25, and a commenter on that BrooklynVegan post I link above claims that Jarvis Cocker will be opening Radiohead's May tour. That's strictly a rumor, but oh man, I just might die of happiness if that's true.

-- Annie Zaleski