Spin-Off Contestant #2: DJ Karizma




Real Name: Angela Villinger Web Site: http://dj-karizma.com/


Age: 23

How Long Have You Been DJing? 6 years

Describe the style of music you play .Breakin, housey, electro beats!

What's your favorite place in St. Louis to spin? Dante's Nightclub

Do you have a DJ idol? If so, who is it? Nick Warren and DJ ICEY

What made you get into DJing? I have always wanted to dj! I wanted to take my musical knowledge to the next level!

What's your guaranteed dancefloor-filler? "Loneliness" by Tom Kraft

Who are you looking forward to see, if you win and get to attend Ultra? Underworld, Freddie Le Grand, Tiesto, Carl Cox

Why should people vote for you at the Spin-Off, to be the winner? Because of my strong determination, and Love for spreading the music.