"Land of Ludo" Photo Outtakes, In Advance of You're Awful, I Love You



This week's RFT cover story, written by Kathleen McLaughlin, details the history and immediate present of St. Louis rockers Ludo.

The band's Island debut, You're Awful, I Love You, comes out this Tuesday. The band will be "honorary clerks" at Vintage Vinyl from 3 to 6 p.m. that day, and will be doing an acoustic in-store at 8 p.m. that night. You can only get into the performance by purchasing Awful at Vintage Vinyl on or before Tuesday.

As a bonus to the story, staff photographer Jennifer Silverberg took a bunch of amazing pictures of the band. These were too good not to share with everyone. We'll have a slideshow up tomorrow, but here are some of the best ones below.

-- Annie Zaleski

Teenage Mutant Ninja Ludo: Heroes in a Half-shell, Moog Power!


Andrew Volpe does his best mime: "I'm in a box..."


Tim Ferrell: "I'll get you kids, if it's the last thing I do!"


Tim Convy, the phantom of the op-errraaaaa!


Marshall Fanciullo: "He's aliiiiive!"


Matt Palermo -- or Popeye the Sailor-man? Hmmm..


Ludo knows kung fu.