High on Fire, Sunday, February 17 at the Creepy Crawl + Bonus Slayer Reference!



Reminder: That High on Fire show *is* happening on Sunday, February 17 -- at the Creepy Crawl. Saviours, A Life Once Lost and Intronaut are also on the bill. Doors are at 5:30 p.m., tickets are $15 for over 21ers, $17 for those under.

We ran an online-only feature this week about the band, written by D.X. Ferris.

You couldn't make up a guy like Matt Pike, the singer-guitarist of High on Fire, who is possibly the gnarliest dude on the planet — with a hellacious band to match. Only Matt Pike could create Matt Pike. In twenty years on the road, he's evolved from a long-haired teen into a burly Hessian commander whose image and presence loom larger than even the heavy-metal archetypes he grew up worshipping. Pike has a reputation as the kind of Promethean figure he sings about, a man-beast moving through the musical netherworld, dispatching razor-taloned riffs in songs about dragons and cyclopes, and drinking kegs like a thirsty raider just back from a slaughter. The rep isn't just a rumor.

"I'm sorry if I sound retarded, dude," says Pike, calling from a tour van, en route from Wyoming to Montana. "I got really wasted last night. I don't even remember what I did last night after the show. I must have been running around wasted. At such a high altitude, you get wasted really easy."

Read the rest here.

And speaking of D.X. Ferris, he just finished penning a 33 1/3 book about Slayer's Reign in Blood. Read an awesome excerpt here.

-- Annie Zaleski