St. Louis Concert Calendar, February 5 through June







-- Annie Zaleski

Tuesday, February 5 *Natalie MacMaster, Sheldon Concert Hall *The Mirror Stage/Syna So Pro, Cicero’s

Wednesday, February 6 *Flogging Molly, Pop’s AND acoustic at Vintage Vinyl. Pop’s is SOLD OUT. *Bob Marley (birthday party), with Joseph Israel/Jah Roots, Broadway Oyster Bar *Cheap Heat/Gold Tooth, 2 Cents Plain *Giant Bear/Bad Folk/Jesse Irwin, Off Broadway

Thursday, February 7 *Jumbling Towers/Witch’s Hat/The Bureau/Banshee Lips, Cicero’s *Reba McEntire/Kelly Clarkson, Pop’s – SOLD OUT *U-Melt, Broadway Oyster Bar

Friday, February 8 *Early Day Miners/Victoria/Gentleman Auction House, Bluebird *Valentine’s Day Classic Soul, featuring The Whispers, Stephanie Mills & After 7, Fox Theatre *Hurt, Pop’s *Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, Sheldon *Mock Orange/LaPush, Cicero’s *Petur Ben/Walkie Talkie U.S.A., Schlafly Tap Room *Cindy Woolf/Molly Healy, Off Broadway (early) *Teenage Rehab/Pubes/Middle Class Trash/Haddonfields, Off Broadway (late) *Whoremoans, Vintage Vinyl In-Store *Cumberland Gap, Broadway Oyster Bar

Saturday, February 9 *Nina Nastasia/Tree Heart Orchestra, Bluebird *Caleb Travers (CD release)/The Feed/Via Dove, Off Broadway *Dark Star Orchestra, The Pageant *Marleyfest IV with Tony Rome/Prince Phillip/Murder City Players, Duck Room *Petur Ben/Gentleman Auction House, Schlafly Tap Room *Stella Mora/LucaBrasi, Cicero’s *De Novo Dahl/Foreign Islands/Banshee Lips, Billiken Club *Sleep State (CD release)/Ultraviolents/.e, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center *The Deserters, Mangia

Sunday, February 10 *Jim Ward (of Sparta/At the Drive-In), 2 Cents Plain *Marilyn Manson/Ours, The Pageant. SOLD OUT! *(hed)p.e., Pop’s

Monday, February 11 *A.K.A.C.O.D. (featuring former members of Morphine)/Aviation Club, Bluebird *Richard Thompson’s 1000 Years of Popular Music, featuring Judith Owen and Debra Dobkin, The Pageant *Supersuckers, Pop’s

Tuesday, February 12 *Soft/Incurables/The Sham/The Mirror Stage, Bluebird *Black Dahlia Murder/Three Inches of Blood/Hate Eternal, Pop’s *Grace Basement/Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship/The Takedown, Cicero’s

Wednesday, February 13 *AA Bondy/Kevin Devine/the Jealous Girlfriends, Off Broadway *Sara Gazarek, Jazz at the Bistro (through Saturday, February 16) *B.B. King, Family Arena *Glossary/Ghostfinger, Bluebird

Thursday, February 14 *Bret Michaels, Bottleneck Blues Bar at Ameristar Casino, St. Charles *The Whigs/Waxfang/Tulsa, Creepy Crawl *Clownvis Presley, Way Out Club *Cascada, Gargoyle – ADVANCE tickets sold out *Mr. Goodbye’s God Sex Immaculate Valentine’s Day Revue, Bluebird *Speakeasy (CD release), Broadway Oyster Bar

Friday, February 15 *Esther Macomb/The Feed/Upright Animals, Bluebird *Gloria Gaynor/Village People, Ameristar Casino, St. Charles *Stacey Earle/Mark Stuart, Focal Point *St. Louis Folk Festival, featuring Leo Kottke/Catie Curtis, Sheldon Concert Hall *Wooden Kites/That’s My Daughter/Miles of Wire, Way Out Club *The Lonely H, Lemmons

Saturday, February 16 *The Loved Ones/Gaslight Anthem, 2 Cents Plain *Kid Rock/Rev Run, Scottrade Center *Tesla, Pop’s *TASTiSkank, Old Rock House *Bunnygrunt (vinyl release show)/That’s My Daughter, Mangia *The Bureau/Riddle of Steel/So Many Dynamos/Traindodge, Bluebird *Jessica Sonner, Off Broadway (early) *Jonathan Baer/Dirty 30s/Earl/The Saps, Off Broadway (late)

Sunday, February 17 *High on Fire/A Life Once Lost, 2 Cents Plain *Galactic/Chali 2Na/Ohmega Watts, Pageant. Ohmega Watts also doing an in-store at Vintage Vinyl *Junior/Midwest Avengers, Feisty Bulldog *DJ Dan/Rob Lemon, Home Nightclub *Tom Rush, Espenschied Chapel, Mascoutah, IL

Monday, February 18 *Health/Shooting Spires/Cold Bear Scout, Billiken Club *OneRepublic/Josh Kelley, Pop’s *Macon Greyson/Wormwood Scrubs, Off Broadway

Tuesday, February 19 *Sara Bareilles, Duck Room – SOLD OUT *Ill Nino, Pop’s *Dead to Fall/Winds of Plague, etc., Bluebird *The Last Almanac/Groupthink, Cicero’s

Wednesday, February 20 *Hackensaw Boys, Duck Room

Thursday, February 21 *RFT DJ Spin-Off, Atomic Cowboy *Bettye Lavette, VooDoo Lounge @ Harrah’s Casino *Alan Parsons Live Project, Bottleneck Blues Bar at Ameristar Casino, St. Charles *Chico Macunias/Amino Acids, Way Out Club *Papa Smiley and the Brain Bananas, Broadway Oyster Bar

Friday, February 22 *RTX/Shame Club/Banshee Lips, Bluebird *Slightly Stoopid, Pageant *Jon Hardy and the Public/Jeremy Lister, Off Broadway *7 Shot Screamers/High 5s, Way Out Club *Gateway City Bluegrass Music Festival (through Sunday, 2/24) featuring Ralph Stanley II, Dailey-Vincent Band, David Davis & Warrior River Boys, Sally Jones & the Sidewinders, more, Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel

Saturday, February 23 *The 75’s (CD release)/Kentucky Knife Fight/Blind Eyes, Lemmons *The Box Social/The Help/Tight Pants Syndrome, Schlafly Tap Room *People Noise/Troubadour Dali/Daydream Astronauts, Bluebird *Toasters/Deal’s Gone Bad, Off Broadway *Yonder Mountain String Band, Pageant *Bunnygrunt, Feisty Bulldog *The Transmitters, Mangia *Heroes of the Kingdom/Losers Make Good, Way Out Club *Orbz/PFIC, Cruisin’ Rte. 66

Sunday, February 24 *Horropops/Pink Spiders, Pop’s *Haymarket Riot/Hitch/Balloons, Bluebird -- CANCELLED *Traffic Music Awards, featuring Joka and Tha Deck/Gena/Ludy/Toyy/Da Bangaz/Hakeem the Dream/Vic Damone/Ruka Puff, Roberts Orpheum *30 Years of Punk, with Holy Python/Red Light Runners/Chico Maciunas/The Skulls, Throttle

Monday, February 25 *The Riverboat Gamblers/Humanoids/Holy Python, 2 Cents Plain *Sex Robots/Bunnygrunt, CBGB *Jonas Brothers/Rooney, Fox Theatre

Tuesday, February 26 *Ace Frehley, Pop’s *Tubring/Foxy Shazam/Peachcake/Femme Fatality/Karate High School, 2 Cents Plain *Shat/Trash & Suicide, Creepy Crawl *J. Holiday/Trey Songz, Pageant *Ludo, instore and clerking, Vintage Vinyl

Wednesday, February 27 *Emery/Mayday Parade/As Cities Burn/Pierce the Veil, Pop’s *Twilight Sentinels/Serengeti/Nato Caliph (with DJ Crucial)/Earthworms, Gargoyle *Ravi Coltraine, Jazz at the Bistro (through Saturday, March 1) *Ghost to Falco, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

Thursday, February 28 *Angels and Airwaves/Meg & Dia/The Color Fred/Ace Enders, Pageant *Gone City/Von Guarde/A Bit Shifty/Tone Rodent, Bluebird *Berlin Whale/Jumbling Towers/Elsinore, Gargoyle *Nerve Parade, Mangia

Friday, February 29 *Drive-By Truckers/Felice Brothers, Pageant *Bill Callahan (Smog)/Jonathan Meiburg (Shearwater), Duck Room *Redwalls/John Henry and the Engine/Marlow Honey, Bluebird *Mavis Staples, Sheldon *Humanoids/Dead City Dregs/Bridgeburners, Way Out Club *The Zydepunks, Gargoyle

Saturday, March 1 *Mucca Pazza/Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship, Bluebird *Jesse Irwin, Feisty Bulldog *The Octopus Project/Pattern is Movement/My Dear Disco, Gargoyle *Haddonfields (CD release)/Kentucky Knife Fight/Sex Robots, Way Out Club *Robin Trower, Pageant

Sunday, March 2 *Pelican/Black Cobra/Unearthly Trance, Gargoyle *St. Louis Blues Festival, Scottrade Center *Ludo (CD release), Pageant

Tuesday, March 4 *Chapters/Maxtone 4, Cicero’s *Brooke Waggoner, 2 Cents Plain *Winger, Pop’s *Elusive Parallelograms, Way Out Club

Wednesday, March 5 *Taste of Chaos tour, featuring Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Bullet for my Valentine, others, Family Arena *Sick Puppies/Dropping Daylight/Saving Abel, Pageant *Michael Buble, Scottrade Center *David Bowie edition of Stag Night, Off Broadway *Arlo Guthrie, SIU-E

Thursday, March 6 *Dollyrots/Suffrajett, Creepy Crawl *Elsinore/Grampall Jookabox/Gentleman Auction House, Bluebird *The Ghost of the Forest/Tree Heart Orchestra/The Marching Ohs/Target Market, Cicero’s *The Fabulous Thunderbirds, VooDoo Lounge *The Motion Sick (Boston)/Mirror Stage, Midwest Music Pit *Broken Letters/Tonya Gilmore/Tyler Davis, Way Out Club *Airbourne, Pop's

Friday, March 7 *Big Head Todd & the Monsters/Paul Kelly (yes THE Paul Kelly, of Paul Kelly and the Messengers), Pageant *Von Bondies/Makeshift Gentleman, Creepy Crawl

Saturday, March 8 *Headlights (CD release)/Evangelicals/Catfish Haven, Billiken Club *One Lone Car (CD release), Bluebird *Carrie Newcomber, Lucas School House

Sunday, March 9 *Canada/Cotton Jones Basket Ride (ex-Page France), Ryne Watts, Bluebird *Bruce Lamont (Yakuza) in-store, Vintage Vinyl

Monday, March 10 *A Place to Bury Strangers/Holy Fuck, Bluebird *Dropkick Murphys/Big D and the Kids Table/Everybody Out!, Pageant

Tuesday, March 11 *Jonathan Richman/Vic Chesnutt, Off Broadway *Tom Jones, Family Arena *Watermelon Slim, BB’s Jazz, Blues and Soups *Deer Tick/Brimstone Howl/Theodore, Billiken Club -- NEW DATE

Thursday, March 13 *Lifehouse, Pageant

Friday, March 14 *Kinetiks/Hibernauts, Bluebird *This Is Hell/Elysia/Ruiner, etc., 2 Cents Plain *Poison Control Center/Bunnygrunt, Tap Room

Saturday, March 15 *Built to Spill/Meat Puppets, Pageant *Bald Eagle/Call Me Lightning/Ring, Cicada, Bluebird *Lorene Drive/The Fairwell/Just Surrender, 2 Cents Plain

Sunday, March 16 *M.O.D./Head On Collision/Cross Examination/Whoppers Taste Good, 2 Cents Plain

Monday, March 17 *X, Pop’s *Cloud Cult, Bluebird *Comeback Kid/Cancer Bats/Crime in Stereo/Daggermouth, 2 Cents Plain *Minmae, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

Tuesday, March 18 *Genghis Tron/Apes/An Albatross, 2 Cents Plain *Gil Mantera’s Party Dream (late), Bluebird *Tally Hall/Spinto Band/The Sham (early, all ages), Bluebird *Parts and Labor, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center *Limbeck/John Ralston/House of Fools, Off Broadway *Secret Shine/Tears Run Rings/Stella Mora, aPop Records *Clutch/Murder by Death/Maylene & the Sons of Disaster, Pop’s

Wednesday, March 19 *Jose Gonzalez/Mia Doi Todd, Graham Chapel at Washington University *Delta Spirit/Port O’Brien, Bluebird *Islands/Supreeme, Off Broadway *Kaspar Hauser/Cobra Skulls/Bent Left, Way Out Club

Thursday, March 20 *Mystery Palace/Digata, 2 Cents Plain *Dropkick the Robot, Cicero’s *The Valley Arena/The Photo Atlas/1090 Club/Target Market (early, all ages), Bluebird *O’Death/Langhorne Slim/The Waymakers (late), Bluebird

Friday, March 21 *Black Mountain/Birds of Avalon/Nordic Nomadic, Bluebird

Saturday, March 22 *Lollipop Factory/Strawfoot/Bad Folk, Bluebird *Anavan/Gravity Propulsion System, 2 Cents Plain

Sunday, March 23 *Icarus Himself, Bluebird

Monday, March 24 *Blind Melon, Pop’s *Bunnygrunt/Tight Pants Syndrome/bed, Cruisin’ Rte. 66 *The Independents/Johnny Saint and the Princes of Hell, Bluebird

Tuesday, March 25 *Silverstein/Devil Wears Prada, Pop’s *The Paper Chase/Sinkane, Bluebird *Marlina -- an opera, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

Wednesday, March 26 *Cowboy Junkies/Mary Gauthier, Sheldon *Jill Scott, Fox Theatre *The Starting Line/Bayside, Pop’s

Thursday, March 27 *Mike Doughty’s Band, Gargoyle *Patty Larkin, Duck Room

Friday, March 28 *’70s Soul Jam, featuring The Stylistics, The Emotions, Heat Wave, Enchantment and The Manhattans, Scottrade Center *The Monads (CD release), Off Broadway *Tape Deck Sonata/Erin Hagan/Vivian Girls, Lemmons

Saturday, March 29 *Explosions in the Sky, Pageant *British Sea Power, Billiken Club *Anti-Flag/Street Dogs/Briggs/Fake Problems, Pop’s *The Livers/Wooden Kites, Schlafly Tap Room

Sunday, March 30 *Van Halen, Scottrade Center

Monday, March 31 *Brian Vander Ark, Gargoyle *Xiu Xiu, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center *AntiProduct/Retardobot, Pop’s

Tuesday, April 1 *Bunnygrunt/Keith John Adams/Velcro Stars, CBGB

Wednesday, April 2 *Casiotone for the Painfully Alone/Clue to Kalo, Bluebird

Friday, April 4 *Broadzilla, Bluebird *SeepeopleS, Cicero’s

Saturday, April 5 *The Safes/The 75’s, Bluebird *Waymakers/Rum Drum Ramblers/Boxcutters, Way Out Club

Sunday, April 6 *Cursive/Capgun Coup, Gargoyle

Monday, April 7 *J.B. Beverly and the Wayward Drifters, Way Out Club

Friday, April 11 *The Minus Story/Tre Orsi/The Coke Dares, Billiken Club *DevilDriver/Napalm Death/Walls of Jericho/36 Crazyfists, Pop’s *The Alice Rose/The Blind Eyes, Lemmons *Semi-Precious Weapons, Cicero’s

Saturday, April 12 *Dan Deacon/Ad Astra Per Aspera/The Pragmatic, Billiken Club *Feist, The Pageant *Bunnygrunt/That’s My Daughter/The Besties, Lemmons

Sunday, April 13 *Unwed Sailor/Ryan Lindsey (Starlight Mints), Bluebird

Wednesday, April 16 *John Vanderslice, Billiken Club *Chevelle/Finger Eleven, Pageant -- NEW DATE

Friday, April 18 *Dropsonic/Shame Club/Quatre Tet, Bluebird

Saturday, April 19 *New Pornographers/Okkervil River, Pageant *The Cops/Architects/Victoria/Banshee Lips, Bluebird

Sunday, April 20 *Rogue Wave, Gargoyle

Wednesday, April 23 *Enon/Victoria, Billiken Club *All Time Low/Rocket Summer/The Matches/Sonny, etc., Pop’s *Santana/Derek Trucks Band, Scottrade Center

Wednesday, April 30 *Destroyer, Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room *Velella Velella, Bluebird

Thursday, May 1 *Caribou, Billiken Club

Sunday, May 4 *Tegan and Sara, Pageant

Wednesday, May 7 *Saves the Day/Valencia/Metro Station/Set Your Goals/Lydia, Pageant

Saturday, May 24 *Dirtbombs/Dan Sartain, Creepy Crawl

Wednesday, May 28 *Nightwish, Pop’s

Friday, May 30 *Panic At the Disco/Motion City Soundtrack/The Hush Sound/Phantom Planet, Pageant

Monday, June 16 *Ladytron/Datarock, Pageant

Sometime this summer: Radiohead!

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