Vandalyzm Feature in this Week's Paper



In the current music section, we turn the spotlight on local rapper/producer Vandalyzm, who recently dropped his debut, Megatron Majorz. In Keegan Hamilton's feature, Van has this to say:

"I set out to make an album that was so good people would hate me, to the point where they'd think that I'm a villain," Vandalyzm says of the album, which officially dropped on December 18. "So I thought, 'Why not be the most badass villain that I know: Megatron?' So I went ahead with that. My alias is V-Majorz, so it became Van Megatron Majorz. If you don't like it, fuck you."

Clearly, he isn't afraid to piss people off. Packed with disses of varying degrees of seriousness and playfulness, Majorz could create enough beefs to supply a Ruth's Chris Steak House. The album's eighteen tracks decry the stigma of the post-Nelly era in St. Louis hip-hop, dumbed-down lyrics, and emcees who brag without the street cred to back up their boasts.

Read the rest of the story here, and check out three MP3s from Majorz below. (And for good measure, check out the message board love at Rawkus Records' Smoking Section here.)

MP3: Vandalyzm, "Studio Gangstas Freestyle"

MP3: Vandalyzm, "Ol' Girl"

MP3: Vandalyzm, "Hands High (featuring Big Pooh of Little Brother)"

-- Annie Zaleski