Weekend Round-Up, December 7-9



Man, y'all keep commenting in other threads. Here's the round-up, sorry so late!

Friday, December 7

*In case you haven't been reading this thread, just a reminder that there are Bert Dax Holiday shows at Lemmons (Stella Mora, Tape Deck Sonata, Museum Mutters) and Off Broadway (Strawfoot, Pokey LaFarge, RumDrum Ramblers)

*Sex Robots/Robb Steele/Steveodore, Bluebird *Straylight Run/Color Fred/Dear and the Headlights, Creepy Crawl *Flee the Seen/The PIlot, Pop's *Jon Hardy and the Public, Vintage Vinyl In-Store, 7 p.m. *Tim Cunningham, Finale

Saturday, December 8

*Bosidartha/Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk/Berlin Whale/.e, Lemp *VHS or Beta/So Many Dynamos/The Noise FM, Gargoyle *Cemetery Gates: Tribute to Pantera, Pop's *Mama's Pride, Pageant *Jon Hardy and the Public/Jeremy Lister/John Bonham and Friends, Off Broadway *Trip Daddys, Mangia

Sunday, December 9

*Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Scottrade Center *Jorge Martinez 75th Birthday Bash w/Bob Dorough, Jazz at the Bistro (** NOTE CORRECT NUMBER TO CALL FOR TICKETS: 314-968-1898**) *Jonathan Coulton/Paul and Storm, Duck Room

-- Annie Zaleski