Victoria CD Release Show, Saturday, December 1 at the Bluebird



In this week's paper, I featured Victoria, which is releasing its debut EP, Ghost Town, tomorrow night with a show at the Bluebird. The show starts at 9, and also features Berlin Whale, Jumbling Towers and Hibernauts.

Here's an excerpt from the story.

...Victoria is starting to turn heads in the local music scene. For starters, its shows are becoming notorious for their raucous, unbridled energy; it's not surprising to find Moore writhing on the floor onstage, or Rogers dancing with charming unselfconsciousness.

The band's upcoming debut EP, Ghost Town, captures this white lightning in a bottle. Shades of Kings of Leon's Southern-rock swing (especially in Moore's howl) abound, matched by equal doses of Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin's rumbling blues-boogie, Pearl Jam's garage-thrash and even Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's sexed-up distortion. "Holy Roller" — a two-minute burst that comes at listeners like a raging fireball — is the clear standout, although the subtle groove of other tracks is just as seductive.

Victoria, "Holy Roller"