U2's Bono Talks "Wave of Sorrow," an Unreleased Joshua Tree song



So, next week U2 is reissuing its seminal album, The Joshua Tree. There are various incarnations of this redux: the remastered (yes!) album on CD, the album as a deluxe, 2-CD edition, a boxed set with a bonus DVD and a 2xLP vinyl set.

The double-CD edition is quite enticing, as it contains some of the band's best b-sides: "Spanish Eyes," "Silver and Gold," "Walk to the Water," "Luminous Times." (I'm a huge U2 dork, betcha y'all didn't know that.) It also has some unreleased songs...

...of which one is below. Via iLike, Bono discusses the unreleased song "Wave of Sorrow" -- and perhaps more amusingly, sings along with his own vocals over the existing track. With less-than-perfect precision. And comments on his lyrical observations as the song plays, i.e., "See, even the rain coming as a problem, it took the topsoil." He's so earnest it hurts, and that's why I dig him.

-- Annie Zaleski