The High 5's, One Track Minds CD review: Homespun



In this week's Homespun, Christian Schaeffer reviews the High 5's debut CD, One Track Minds. He has this to say:

On their full-length debut, One Track Minds, the High 5's retain the off-the-cuff, tossed-off feel of their early demo recordings. There's a lack of polish on these eleven songs that — one assumes — is by design....

The first few tracks on One Track Minds operate on a kind of nervy garage-rock beat; an urgent snare/hi-hat pattern gives "Cherry Stained Floor" an unsettled urgency that is picked up by clangorous, Strokes-like guitar work. From there, it's a catchall of guitar-based modern rock. Some songs possess a jammy, open feel, while others, such as "Long Distance Heartbreak," strive for introspection with minor-key acoustic strums.

The High 5's CD release show is this Friday, October 12, at the Way Out Club.

Decide about the band for yourself by listening to "Cherry Stained Floor," just below.

-- Annie Zaleski