Thor Axe: Behold the Sweet Riffs of So Many Dynamos' Triumphant Metal Side Project



Once in a blue moon, the God of sweet riffs smiles upon St. Louis, and the So Many Dynamos' triumphant metal side project, Thor Axe, graces local clubs with its presence.

A little bit math-rock, a little bit prog-rock and quite a bit 8-bit Nintendo, this mighty septet shreds its little heart out. In all seriousness, Thor Axe is pretty much amazing live -- a thunderous force that puts other instrumental projects (and quite a few vocal-featuring bands) to shame, thanks to intricate arrangements, monstrous/dynamic shredding and an intense wall of sound.

Need proof? Check out the video Bill Streeter of filmed of the band here, in all of its glory. Streeter is the biggest champion of local bands I know (if not one of the most affable, positive people in the music community), so please go check out the video and his site.

And while capturing the essence of the elusive band is difficult, we also managed to snag all seven members for an exclusive interview before their August 17 show at the Bluebird. Behold, the majestic Thor Axe!

Video produced by Bill Streeter, from LO-FI SAINT LOUIS

-- Annie Zaleski