Non-Hostile So Many Dynamos Blog Takeover



Since the feature is edited and shipped to the printers, I can now reveal that this week's RFT cover feature is a story I wrote on So Many Dynamos.

This article will be in the paper that streets on Wednesday afternoon, and to celebrate A to Z has instituted what we're calling a Non-Hostile Blog Takeover by So Many Dynamos. We'll feature a post from each member of the quartet, along with story outtakes from folks I interviewed (hint: Death Cab for Cutie fans will be stoked), MP3s and a very special video of the Dynamos' triumphant metal side project, Thor Axe.

So stay tuned all week for this special multimedia bonanza, which will be interspersed among all of our regular content -- which is coming back, promise.

Here's a video of the band's song "In Every Direction," taken at the 2006 RFT Music Awards. Right before it started to rain. On the band. During its song, "It's Gonna Rain." We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.

-- Annie Zaleski